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romaIf you would you like to experience several of the musical compositions referenced throughout A Song in My Heart, please click on the links below. This is only a small sampling:

Click in the song title to hear the music.
Alejandra by Enrique Mora- The waltz that inspired the protagonist's name
Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy
Liebestraum by Franz Liszt
Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin
Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin
Over the Waves by Juventino Rosas
Second Waltz by Dmitri Shostakovich
Symphony No. 7 – 2nd. Movement by Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 5 - by Ludwig van Beethoven


Cuarteto Latinoamericano- Valses Mexicanos 1900

For a complete listing of the musical compositions referenced in all the chapters of a "A Song In My Heart," please see the appendix pages, if you wish to continue to explore on your own as you read the story.


> Role of Women early 20th. Century

> Role of Musicians and Conductors

> Composers of Classical versus Popular Music

> Musical Compositions and Chapter Titles

> Minnesota's Musical Pioneers

> Artists, Art, Painting Styles, and Iconic Images

> Cultural Traditions within Mexico, United States, and Europe

> Politics and the Arts

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